MC Eiht - Wake Yo Punk Ass Up for the 2016 Shot - Everybody Can't Be Doctors/Lawyers

MC Eiht on VladTV Interview

"It's a beautiful Best Buy plaza now but when I was growing up it was a dirt lot". Just like Brooklyn, Compton is now a social media trending city because of it's violent past. MC Eiht and Eazy E are the first two names when I think of Compton, just like Tray Dee for Long Beach. I'm not sure if the pattern is due to where I grew up at or simply because their music was fit more to my vibe.

Remember kids, you don't start gang-banging in your mid-20's - "They got it backwards like they ass was in the front acting like they smoke rock and not grass up in they lungs...I got no words for them, just fist of Fury like Bruce Whah!" Strawberriez N Cream - Home of Independent Artists