Looking for Free Online Radio - Our 10 Best Stations List

So you're sitting at work or at home, browsing through the millions of free online radio stations when you suddenly realize there's too many dead air stations listed. Even worse, you come to find that most of the online radio stations are filled with ads. Going back to premium services would solve some of your problems, however why pay for something you can get for free with a little due diligence? We all want free online radio now, but aren't willing to take 5 minutes to learn how.

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First you gotta ask yourself which program and/or apps do I like to use personally. Most people don't like trying a new app or program due to the fact that many are rigged with adware or malware. So ask yourself which program or app do you feel the most comfortable with? For Windows users for example some might prefer the basic Media Player or VLC, where someone else will like Winamp or even their internet browser. If you're on your iPhone or Android, then chances are you're probably already using TuneIn or something similar. Whatever the program/app may be, I'll show you how to connect to your favorite online radio station.

Our Top 10 Directories:
  1. TuneIn
  2. Internet-Radio
  3. RadioGuideFM
  4. Radio.com
  5. StreamFinder
  6. StreamingtheNet
European HTTPS Friendly:
  1. RadioDirectory
  2. RadioGuideFM
  3. Live Online Radio
  4. Live Radio IE

TuneIn Online Radio App for iPhone and Android

Use the directories to preview what they sound like. Once you've located a station you like to listen to simply take note of their name and/or website

Now in the app or program you're using, you will need to either search the name of the station or copy/paste their stream URL into the program. To get the url address and port, first you'll want to check their website. Most online radio stations will have it listed on their "How to Connect" page, or will have downloadable links that will open automatically in your program. In some cases it might actually be located directly on their streaming player, so try clicking it as well. Save your settings or add it to your favorites to retain the link, and so that you can play it with a single click anytime and everytime. If for some reason you can't find it listed on their website, then a quick contact page e-mail will do the trick. Simply ask for it and they will be more than happy to share it with you. No online radio station will turn down listeners.

Here's what the stream url/station's play now links will typically look like:

Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

And that's it! Now that you know how to find, play, and save your favorite online radio you can have your cake and eat it too. A 5 minute investment will save you hundreds of dollars in premium online radio costs. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to e-mail us with it.

Tips for New Independent Artists and Producers

I once heard Kevin Hart say "Everybody wants to be famous...Nobody wants to put the work in". Regardless of what your opinion of him is, this is something a lot of Artists and Producers get confused with initially. Putting in the work doesn't just mean making a lot of material then spamming as many people as you can on social media with it. Investments and Relationships are key to your success, after all it is a business so it will adhere to capitalist policies. Knowledge of what you're doing will not only give you a better understanding so you can evolve, but also will keep you from getting taken advantage of.

Tips for New Indy Artists

Build relationships, build capital (savings account will do), and learn as much as you can now before you get your feet too wet. Learning through experience can also be good, however it can backfire on you quick if you don't understand what is happening. Keep a humble yet confident attitude when you meet people, and always treat them the way you want to be treated. Furthermore, never rely on your music/production to pay the bills. That's why it's important to Love what you are doing, because it will keep you going in the right direction.

  • Build Capital by starting a Savings Account
  • Build Relationships by treating people you normally spam as People
  • Hire a Professional to Create your Logo/Covers or Learn Graphic Design
  • Keep a Humble yet Confident Attitude 
  • Keep your Day Job...or Night Job 

Submit your music to Online Radio stations instead of trading followers on Soundcloud

www.76radio.com - Home of Independent Artists

Why should you never stop making music? The Prince Vaults

According to the Billboard Reports; Universal, Sony, and Warner are all bidding on Prince's Lost Vaults of music. The current bid? Around $35 million

So why should you as an Independent Artists or Producer never stop making music? Well if you're truly passionate about your work, then it will reflect in your craft. Once you master your craft, then you will create Master Pieces. Prince understood that, and so do many musicians through out the world. Practice Practice Practice!