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Lil Hitt - Skankin Session

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Behind the scenes; In the studio Live with San Diego Artist Lil Hitt - Home of Independent Artists

New Tribe Called Quest Album - We Got It From Here Nov 2016

Tribe Called Quest We Got it From Here
I'm Buggin' Out!

The Secret Album Dropped!

We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service - Named by Phife (God Bless the Dead) and recorded prior to his passing in March, it includes new collabos with Elton John, Talib Kweli, Jack White, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Anderson Paak, and of course Busta Rhymes & Consequence. Sticking to their roots has always been their motto, so you won't find any ghost writers or ghost producers here. All tracks were written and produced by A Tribe Called Quest, and if Dilla was still with us you already know he would have got down on it as well. The Ummah The Ummah Ummah

"We The People", definitely describes our current political state today even before it happened (since the album was mostly recorded last year). It's no wonder it was coincidentally released on Veteran's Day. The song Whateva Will Be reflects that as well: "Some will dash for the mountains some will crawl, and the weakest amongst them they will fall, but the strongest they think they will stand ta-ta-tall, everybody's running when they see the storm's coming but whatever's gonna be will be"

If you haven't copped it already:



The album's name was chosen by Phife, and the rest of the members said they didn't understand it's meaning. But after listening to this album, and searching my memory bank (my brain) it's pretty obvious. Any real ATCQ fan will understand, but if you need to just go back to their first album. It's even in the name, R.I.P Phife Diggy! Been a Native Tongue since day one, thanks for the journey! - Home of Independent Artists

Don't forget about Veteran's Day

To all those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice...Gone but never forgotten. To those that come back physically and mentally scarred we need to take care of them! With all the political issues dominating the airwaves today, it's sad to see that hardly anyone (except advertisers) posted anything honoring our nation's heroes. So here is Vietnam in HD for you kids to learn where you favorite rapper's rapper style was influenced from, but more importantly why you're free to pursue music in the first place. Remember just because you may think life is bad now, it could always get worse. Salute to all our brothers and sisters!

Tony Sunshine...Don't Try and Fight Him or He'll Give You The Finger

Tony Sunshine Watch For The Dedo

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From being inspired by the milk crate of 8 track cartridges he had, to singing Salsa with superstars like Celia Cruz & Tito Puente, to freezing up when he met Stevie Wonder, Tony Sunshine has an incredible musical background. Not to mention Mike Tyson wearing nothing but a towel and socks during a dinner invitation. Something about Remy like Mary

"I ain't gonna fight him...just in case I loose, I don't want him to stick his finger in my ass" - Home of Independent Artists