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Creative Title with Amos Iriqui
Creative Title with Amos Iriqui
Wed & Sat Mornings 9-10am PST

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Creative Title with Amos Iriqui

Hourly Talk Show, where host Amos Iriqui, expresses his opinions about current/past situations and scenarios. Topics include everything from Tacos and Immigration, to random Philosophy and Technology. Listen to new music from Independent Artists as Amos gives feedback from our Online Radio Submissions

Wed & Sat 9-10am PST

Got something you wanna talk about? Like the show? Hate the show? Visit the Facebook page or e-mail Amos directly.: bacon.hiphop@gmail.com

G Rap, What You Know About That?

30 Years later, and still inspiring others with his timeless style

The originator of "Machine-Gun Raps", and most underrated Artist to come out of Juice Crew, G Rap would later inspire some of the best MCs that ever did it. When he was asked who is his top ten favorite lyrical Artists are, the answer didn't include the typical Tupac namedrop and here's why: "(Tu)Pac was more than just an Artist, he was a statement of the times. Pac was a stance. He's beyond just being lyrical." Furthermore, he added "How can or could you pick one best rapper of all time?" Return of the Don, dropping June 2, 2017

"A person is only gonna be entertained, to the peak of their intelligence" - Kool G Rap

Skankin' Session with Lil Hitt - Behind Barz TV

Lil Hitt - Skankin Session

On Behind Barz TV

Behind the scenes; In the studio Live with San Diego Artist Lil Hitt

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