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Greg Nice has been making music longer than since 1986

A Greg N-I-C-E, even WC thought so

I still remember the first thought I had when I saw the DWYCK video for the first time back in the early 90s, and that was "I gotta learn how to do that Greg Nice sway dance". However since the internet and youtube didn't exist, and also because cable television was for rich folks according to my mom; I was only able to catch glimpses at a time of this video or any music video for that matter. Little did I know there would be more history to that song than I ever thought. Like Greg Nice said, it was like his friend June Love's spirit jumped into his body, and I think that's what happened during the video shoot. Sometimes you dance slow sometimes you dance quick.

76radio.com Is NOT us...

So recently, it was brought to our attention that our old domain, 76radio.com, was transferred to a new owner. This new owner is clearly a scammer; just have a look at their website. Their contact form doesn't even work properly, but I'm sure their payment gateway will. So as a heads up to all our listeners; do not sign up or pay for any services they offer, as we the real 76RadiO will never charge you or solicit you for any of our services. We strive on broadcasting you real independent musicians, who are highly underrated, through a 24/7 streaming radio platform which will always be FREE. We are NOT and will never offer third party affiliate's or other services, as we will ONLY provide you with the music we broadcast. Currently, we are working on an alternate solution, and will be removing our old domain tags. In the meantime the station will continue to be online 24/7. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, and we hope that clears things up...Now on with the music!

G Rap, What You Know About That?

30 Years later, and still inspiring others with his timeless style

The originator of "Machine-Gun Raps", and most underrated Artist to come out of Juice Crew, G Rap would later inspire some of the best MCs that ever did it. When he was asked who is his top ten favorite lyrical Artists are, the answer didn't include the typical Tupac namedrop and here's why: "(Tu)Pac was more than just an Artist, he was a statement of the times. Pac was a stance. He's beyond just being lyrical." Furthermore, he added "How can or could you pick one best rapper of all time?" Return of the Don, dropping June 2, 2017

"A person is only gonna be entertained, to the peak of their intelligence" - Kool G Rap