Submit to Terrestrial Radio Stations the Old Fashioned Way - 3 Mail In Submissions

Submit and Mail Music to Terrestrial Radio Stations
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Mailing CDs and a Press Kit to a Terrestrial Radio Station is Played Out Right?

If we're talking your top 5 local stations; who solely rely on their advertiser's budget's, which are filled with ads, and crappy cookie cutout music then yeah it's played out. However, there are still terrestrial radio stations out there who are truly independent and do not rely on big name advertiser's money. Who would have thought in 2016, that there are stations buried under page 9000 of Google search results who still accept the old fashioned method of mailing your music submissions manually.

While their online presence may not be big, their local presence has been established decades ago with some of the most hardcore fans you will ever to a bunch of teenage girls at "Next Famous Boy Band's Name Here" concert.

Meet 3 Real Independent FM Terrestrial Radio Stations

WFMU 90.1 FM - New York & Hudson Valley

An all listener supported non-commercial station located in Jersey City, NJ; this is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States. Rolling Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, CMJ and the New York Press have all at one time or another called WFMU “the best radio station in the country” and the station has also been the subject of feature stories in The New York Times and the BBC. Matt Groening is even a fan, you know, the guy that created The Simpsons(Duh!). Mailing your submission to them is pretty straightforward, just visit their Send Music section of their Website for the address and instructions.

WLUW 88.7 FM - Chicago

Broadcasting from the School of Communication at Loyola University, they are dedicated to independent music and informative talk programming. Broadcasting locally 24/7 and worldwide through streams as well; they are a non-commercial station supported through local donors. Therefore, their only commercials/ads are relevant announcements regarding the donors. To mail your submission in visit their Website's About section.

WRFG 89.3 FM - Atlanta

As the only non-profit independent radio station in Georgia, they reflect progressive perspectives and the diversity of people. As they state, they are a "Breath of fresh air on the radio dial". With over 40 years of experience, they've been a consistent voice for positive social change and cultural expression. To submit your music, first visit their Contact page and e-mail their general inquiries address. Let them know you would like to mail in your press kit/portfolio, and then send your package to their address, marked with attention to the rep (who e-mailed you back).

So in conclusion, dust of those ancient press kits, update your bio, get your best tracks ready, and hit the Post Office! - Home of Independent Artists

MC Eiht - Wake Yo Punk Ass Up for the 2016 Shot - Everybody Can't Be Doctors/Lawyers

MC Eiht on VladTV Interview

"It's a beautiful Best Buy plaza now but when I was growing up it was a dirt lot". Just like Brooklyn, Compton is now a social media trending city because of it's violent past. MC Eiht and Eazy E are the first two names when I think of Compton, just like Tray Dee for Long Beach. I'm not sure if the pattern is due to where I grew up at or simply because their music was fit more to my vibe.

Remember kids, you don't start gang-banging in your mid-20's - "They got it backwards like they ass was in the front acting like they smoke rock and not grass up in they lungs...I got no words for them, just fist of Fury like Bruce Whah!" Strawberriez N Cream - Home of Independent Artists