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E-40 Interview September 2016

On DrinkChamps

E-40 reminisces about 2Pac; "I wish he was alive, trust me it'll be some turned around shit out here", to clearing up the old rumors about Biggie, "I wish he was alive too, I was supposed to be on his last album, if you look in the booklet it says shout out to E-40". P&D keeps his profit rate at 83% and the label only takes 17% which needless to say is fucking incredible. 83/17 are you independent artists out there listening? Get a pressing and distribution deal, and don't sign your life away on 15/85 deal. Remember Master P and E-40 were literally selling thousands of tapes out their trunk successfully, and they both went to college in the 80s. Furthermore, he's still going Gold today, and now producing his own liqour. What ya'll know about Moesha's? I was in High School when the show was on and so was 40-Water. Sprinkle me man

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